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PUBG Mobile M8 Royal Pass release date | Season M7 End Date

The date of the new season in PUBG Mobile is of interest to all players so that they can watch the latest additions and new updates within BGMI new Royal Pass Season M8.

Today God willing, we will talk about M8 Royal Pass official release Date as well as the End date Season M7 Royale Pass BGMI .

PUBG Mobile M8 Royale Pass release date
M7 Royale Pass release date

There are many features that are found in the new Royal Pass Season M8, as PUBG MOBILE is trying to put different changes in each new Royale Pass within the game .

and this is so that players do not feel bored in the game, Month 8 Royal Pass release Date will be special but not much with sorry.

M8 Royal Pass Official Release Date Pubg Mobile

Pubg Mobile game has now become one of the most popular Android games 2022 and in all the previous years, the game has managed to attract a large audience and has become one of the most downloaded games.

as it is a strategic game classified among the distinctive and favorite action war games for everyone.

PUBG MOBILE is the best war game for the computer as well as Android and iPhone, and this is what makes the game very special and enthusiastic for players and they do not feel bored while playing with friends or alone in all the new update of the new season eight M8 BGMI.

In addition, the company PUBG Mobile plans in the new update season m8 to put new changes in the game, and after the next Royal Pass, it will be the company's fourth celebration for the passage of 4 years in pubg mobile new update 1.9.

So we will know PUBG Mobile (BGMI) C2S4 M8 Royal Pass (Tier) rewards, leaks, and release date.

The new PUBG update eight season will not be as special as the rest of the previous updates, the royal bass will be the eight season m8, rated to an acceptable degree and not as great as the rest of the previous royal bass.

I do not know why it will be like this, but I think it will be bad for the company to prepare a strong royal bass and surprise everyone.

The release date new season m8 in PUBG Mobile will be on 18 February next, this is the start date of the new season and it will be with all players on this day, and you can watch the rewards leaks Royal Pass Season m8 Pubg Mobile at the end of the article.

Pubg Mobile New Update Release Date 1.9 

Many people would like to know when the new PUBG 1.9 update for Android and iPhone will be released, but in the beginning you should know that each PUBG update carries 2 new Royal Passes with it.

meaning that the BGMI 1.8 update included the seventh and eighth seasons.

BGMI M8 Royal Pass Release Date
BGMI M8 Royal Pass Release Date

As a result, we will wait for the release date and time of the nine season in PUBG Mobile to have a new selection available with us within the game, as a result date PUBG Mobile 1.9 update will be on 15 March 2022.

The date of the release of the update for the nine season of the PUBG M9 will be available approximately on 15 March 2022, and this new update 1.9 BGMI will be distinctive and enthusiastic for all players, in order to celebrate the game’s 4 years of it.

You will find a flying city with great new celebrations and things that we will see in the coming days in BGMI new update 1.9 next .

Pubg Mobile M7 Royal Pas End Date And Rp Lock Time 

m7 royal pass end date and time will be on 17 February 2022, God willing, you will not be able to complete missions or anything on this day because M7 RP PUBG Locked will be permanently closed.

If you log into PUBG RP Royal Pass M7, you will find it written below (ends on 12/17/2021), this is Season M7 End Date.

As a result, try to complete all the Royal Pass Season 7 missions before that day, and also do not forget to spend Season M7 redemption points within the PUBG MOBILE And BGMI game because it is very important and you will benefit a lot from them .

also about the timing of closing and the end of the season, it will be at 2 am in the morning on the 19 Next 2021, God willing.

PUBG Mobile And BGMI M8 Royal Pass Release Date And Time

start date of the new M8 season in the PUBG Mobile game will not be as special as the rest of the previous seasons, the Royal Pass Season 8 BGMI will be classic, simple and also a little different, and you can also watch the PUBG Season M8 leaks at the end of the article.

BGMI M8 Royal Pass Release Date will be on the date of next 18 February 2022, where as you previously know that the launch of the new season is only two hours after the end of the old season M7.

so with the beginning of the 18 day , can the download of the new version of the eight season.

On this day, you can buy UC PUBG Mobile Season M8, charge the new Royale Pass and collect amazing chests and rewards that will be present in the M8 Royal Pass Pubg Mobile Releasd Date.

BGMI M8 Royal Pass Rewards leaks and start date new season