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Girl Gaga swipes the show at star-studded Home of Gucci London premiere

Girl Gaga swipes the show at star-studded Home of Gucci London premiere

ady Gaga took the program on the red carpeting at the London best of the star-studded Residence of Gucci on Tuesday.

The songstress joined an entire galaxy of stars, including Jared Leto, for the testing at Odeon Leicester Square.

The vocalist dazzled as she stepped out in a purple Gucci outfit featuring dramatic flowing sleeves.

Her thigh-split dress was cut to showcase knee-high stockings and also towering high boots.

Leto really did not pull down the style risks as he dressed in a velour blue fit for the glimmering occasion.

Residence of Gucci sets the stage for a story of insanity, murder and also prestige.

It offers a voice to Patrizia Reggiani (Gaga) who as an outsider from modest starts weds into the Gucci household - only for her passion to clash with the household tradition.

The chain of occasions brings about betrayal, revenge and also lastly a murder.

Lately, Gaga admitted shooting House of Gucci left her with "psychological difficulty".

She told style: "I had some mental trouble at one point towards completion of filming. I was either in my resort room, living as well as talking as Reggiani, or I was on set, living and also talking as her. I remember I headed out into Italy eventually with a hat on take a walk. I hadn't taken a walk in regarding two months as well as I worried. I thought I was on a flick collection.".

She continued: "It is three years given that I began working on it [Home of Gucci] and also I will certainly be completely sincere as well as clear: I talked to an accent for nine months of that. Off camera, I never ever damaged. I stayed with her.

" It was virtually difficult for me to talk in the accent as a blonde. I quickly had to color my hair, and I began to reside in a way where anything that I took a look at, anything that I touched, I began to take notice of where and also when I can see cash.".


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